The family.jpg

Hi thank you come inside, no problem. My name is Ashton Deroy I am 23 years old I am from a Step family. You know they say the average person marries 2-3 times now? Well however many tries it takes to have a real family. So come on in! 

In the photo above we have the following people: 


Step Mom and sales lady of organic Teas Tracy Carpenter. 

Matt Clarke.jpg

My brother Matt Clarke, he is going to college in the coming year. 

Ashley Carpenter.jpg

Ashley Carpenter, the teenager! 


Randy Deroy, Dad and Software engineer. 

Wait! There are two people missing…. It is really hard to get all of us in the same room. We are a big family!


Kyle Deroy.jpg

Kyle Deroy, my brother and Registered Practical Nurse. 


Me/Ashton Deroy, Founder/writer for Digi-Connex

Ashton Deroy says “Glad you took the time to meet us all!, If you are interested in ordering tea with a minimum order of $40 or you want to setup a website for $100 for a Canadian page. ” Email us below:

Posted by:Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy is a digital Marketer who services paying and volunteer digital marketing clients.

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