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Ashton Deroy says “Hey everyone, I am glad you are checking out the work on the tea blog today. I have some more featured products in this post that are must haves for every tea drinker. from the sweetest of fruity flavours such as lady layla, to the heavenly taste of Honey Lavender. If you were starting a loose leaf tea collection. You came to the right place today.” 

Featured teas: 

Berry Mojito.png 

Berry Mojito tea, a strong green tea to wake you up in the morning!  you can click the tea picture if you want to order this item.

Lady Layla.png

Lady Layla, The perfect mid afternoon drink with the perfect mix of Strawberry and blackberry.


Honey lavender tea.png 

Honey Lavender tea, Ashton Deroy personal statement “The most luxurious tasting tea I have ever had is lavender tea made as a latte. I highly recommend it to anyone trying this tea for the first time!” 

Strawberry swirl tea.png

Strawberry Swirl tea, Tracy likes to make this as an iced tea beverage. However it still tastes deliciously sweet served hot! 


Posted by:Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy is a digital Marketer who services paying and volunteer digital marketing clients.

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