Candy Cane hot chocolate.png

Ashton Deroy says”How did I make this delicious, make you diabetic, giving you the sugar shakes beverage?


First I put two teaspoons of hot chocolate powder in the cup. 1 teaspoon of sugar to make it extra sweet. 

Then I boiled water and filled the cup 75%.  

In a separate cup I frothed some soy milk. (For my lactose sensitivity) 

Then I topped the cocoa with my delicious foam. 

Added whip cream and candy cane topping. 

To make what is is perhaps the most delicious beverage in the history of all of mankind! 

Want to acquire some of these ingredients. Download the PDF below in the link:


Posted by:Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy is a digital Marketer who services paying and volunteer digital marketing clients.

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