Hey WordPress/Facebook Readers, It is Ashton Deroy and welcome to the Cafe. Today we just wanted to share are menu offerings with everyone. This may change as time goes on but for today we wanted you to check out our delicious Fruit Teas, Roobois Teas and Specialty drinks.


We also wanted to recommend a side item. I have been making delicious Tea and coffee lattes with the Steeped Tea Whisk. This is a wonderful alternative solution to spending $2000 on a latte machine. The picture of the Whisk is linked below to the ECommerce page to the direct item of interest.


Eggnog Lattes.png


As the communications manager for this vendor I am always finding wonderful delicious items from navigating the E Commerce page. So definitely check it out regularly if you are not already.

Fruit Teas.png

Roobois Tea.png


Posted by:Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy is a digital Marketer who services paying and volunteer digital marketing clients.

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