Hey guys you can see the website has been redone again. What are we thinking? Well some of the WordPress websites are starting to all look the same so we decided to do this little extra thing to give ourselves a new identity. We bought our website a premium theme to set ourselves apart. After all we are not your typical steeped Tea drinkers! 

Ashton Deroy .jpg

Big thanks to Ashton Deroy because he designed the new look to the website while he was at college today. Click the circles to link to our eCommerce page. Ships only in Canada. 

Check out some of our favorite teas: 


Remember me tea: Made with lavender, Ginko leaves and rosemary.

Honey Lavender tea.jpg

Honey Lavender tea: Made with Roobois and natural honey flavor. 

Coco-Sweet Sencha tea.jpg

Coco-Sweet Sencha tea: Made with vanilla and tropical fruits. 

Posted by:Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy is a digital Marketer who services paying and volunteer digital marketing clients.

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